Aluminium poles

Professional grade, round or oval profile with a tensioner, FIVB compliant, complete with pole upholstery.

Steel poles

Painted or galvanized volleyball poles d=80-100 mm, fitted in floor sleeves, which can be fixed in concrete in a sports hall floor.

Portable poles

Free standing mobile volleyball poles, movable on wheels, with a net tensioner.

Pads for volleyball poles

Different diameters are available

Beach volleyball poles

Poles for outdoor fields, longer sleeves for fixing into concrete, and a net tensioner. Protective upholstery for poles, a volleyball referee stand.

Economical nets

Made of PP, mesh size 100 x 100 m, string thickness 2.5 mm.

Standard nets

Made of a black PP string without knots, diameter 3 mm; the upper boundary line 50 mm wide; tensioning with a 5 mm string, 11.5 m long; or with a steel wire, diameter 3.15 mm, 11.5 m long.

Competition nets

PA cordless net, string 3 mm, mesh size 100 x 100 mm; the upper boundary line 75 mm wide, made of white polyester; the lower boundary line 50 mm wide, made of white polyester with 6-point stretching wire. Tensioning – a galvanized steel wire with PVC coating, diameter 5 mm, or a 13.5 m long rope. Pockets and fibreglass antennas.

Beach volleyball nets

Standard and competition 8.5 m x 1 m, mesh size 100 x 100 mm, EN1271-compliant. Black PE net, string 3 mm, coloured edge.

Lines for beach volleyball

16 x 8 m, width 5 cm, made of PP tape in different colours, complete with pickets and anchors.

Volleyball balls

Available brands

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