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The organizer and founder of Sporta Halle SIA is Edgars Šneps, who has a long career as a member and the captain of the Latvian National Basketball Team. Since the foundation in 1997, he, together with partners, has transformed the company from a simple trade company into a company constructing, renovating and equipping sporting facilities. Over the previous years, the company has grown its export steadily by participating in the construction of ever new sporting facilities abroad. Since 2005, we have managed or taken part in the construction, renovation and equipping of more than 500 sports facilities in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In our portfolio, you will also find projects implemented in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and elsewhere. We fully equip halls for sports games and stadiums with flooring, seat stands, scoreboards and equipment. Since 2020, we have also been able to install the top-quality economic lighting or replace it at our own expense. If needed, we refurbish premises. The solutions we offer and products we supply meet the standards of the international sports federations. We have implemented projects in most diverse climatic, economic and political conditions. Our long experience and reputation on the market ensure that we assume full responsibility for the quality of performed works, and we guarantee the sustainability of solutions we offer.

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On 25 February 2019, the Agreement No. L-BD/38/19-NBS-SPORTS “Construction of a sports complex at the Ādaži National Training Centre”, located in Kadaga, Ādaži municipality (hereafter in the text – the Site), was signed between Arčers SIA, unified registration No. 40003051954, and SPORTA HALLE SIA, unified registration No. 40003332710. Under the Agreement, SPORTA HALLE SIA performed the following works at the Site from June 2019 to June 2020: Laying of IAAF-certified stadium synthetic sports flooring in the area of 6,158 m², including line marking; laying of universal synthetic flooring for a basketball court in the area of 1,140m², including line marking; construction of a FIBA-certified sports floor made of solid wood – Canadian maple in the area of 1,604m², including line marking; installation of a telescopic stand, extendable using an electromotor, with 482 spectator seats; installation of transformable (lifted by an electromotor) and fixed safety nets for zone partitioning in sports halls. The Site was commissioned on 16 July 2020. The services provided by SPORTA HALLE SIA were of high quality and completed within the time limit set out in the agreement.

Jānis Markulis

Chairman of The Board

SIA Arčers

In December 2017, Sporta Halle SIA supplied and installed IAFF track-and-field athletics equipment, sports equipment and partitioning curtains for the site “Construction of Liepāja Track-and-Field Arena at 50 Rīgas Street, Liepaja” for EUR 98,864.01. The services provided by Sporta Halle SIA were of high quality and completed by the deadline stipulated in the agreement.
SIA "Sporta Halle" sniegtie pakalpojumi tika izpildīti kvalitatīvi un līgumā noteiktajā termiņā.


Chairman of The Board


UPTK SIA confirms that Sporta Halle SIA laid precious wood – ash parquet in the assembly hall and restored the flooring in the sports hall in the area of 360 m2 at Liepāja A. Pushkin Secondary School No. 2 for a total of EUR 26,825.70, excl. VAT, in November 2018. According to the agreement, the assembly hall’s floor system of ash solid wood was laid in the spectators’ area, on the stage and steps. The works included floor surface finishing (sanding and varnishing) in the assembly hall and sports hall. The works were completed within the agreed time frame and in high quality. Sporta Halle SIA is a long-term partner of UPTK in laying of parquets and wood floors, and we can recommend it. In the spring of 2019, Sporta Halle SIA laid 144 m2 of two-layer solid oak parquet at the site "Zvejnieki-Grāmatnieki" in Nica district for the total sum of Eur 13 200.00, VAT excluded. The works were performed with the sense of responsibility, within the time limits, and were commissioned without objections.

Juris Gulbis

Commercial director


MONUM SIA confirms that Sporta Halle SIA, in March and April 2016, supplied and fitted sports equipment at the site “Construction of a sports hall at Nīca Secondary School”, based on a mutually signed agreement. The site had to be fitted with top level competition equipment. The total sum of the sports equipment, VAT excluded, constituted EUR 77,015.00, and it included the supply and installation of FIBA level basketball baskets and two sets of FIBA level 1 electronic scoreboards, as well as installation of 14/24 second displays on basket structures. We confirm that all works at the site were performed in high quality and according to the technical specification, as well as the works were completed in due time. The employees of Sporta Halle SIA were responsive in solving various issues, professionals in their specialisation. We can recommend Sporta Halle SIA as a trusted partner, assuming not only responsibility for its work but also warranty commitments.

Gatis Logins

Member of The Board


Bildberg SIA confirms that Sporta Halle SIA, over a period of 01/11/2016 to 30/01/2017, has supplied and installed sports flooring and sports equipment at the site “Designing and construction of Sigulda Sports Complex at 7 A. Kronvalda Street, Sigulda” based on a mutually signed agreement. As the agreement provides, the supplied flooring and equipment have the certifications of the international sports federations, and they fully meet the technical requirements for international competitions. Under the agreement, certified flooring has been laid in the hall for sports games – solid maple wood sports floor in the area of 1,472 m², flooring for the gym and for fitness rooms in the area of 507 m², flooring for 8 badminton courts and IAAF-certified flooring for running tracks in the track-and-field area. A PVC partition wall was installed in the sports hall, FIBA-certified mobile basketball basket structures, volleyball net poles, electronic scoreboards, gates for handball and futsal, IAAF-certified equipment for track-and-field athletics (starting blocks, barriers, take-off boards for long jumping), as well as the equipment needed for gymnastics and sports games. Also, a telescopic stand with 200 seats was built. The total sum of the Agreement exceeded EUR 200,000.00, VAT excluded. We confirm that all works at the site were performed in high quality and according to the technical specification, as well as the works were completed within the specified time frame. We can recommend Sporta Halle SIA as a partner that assumes responsibility for its work and undertakes warranty commitments.

Gatis Bērziņš

Member of The Board

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