Football goals

Made of steel or aluminium, the front profile 120 x 100 mm, and d – 80 mm. Movable on wheels, also immovable – fixed at base anchors. Meet the requirements of EN748 and FIFA. Available sizes: FIFA standard 7.32 m x 2.44 m, also goals of reduced size 6 x 2 m, 5 x 2 m and 3 x 2 m. 3 x 2 m goals suitable for futsal.

Football nets

Standard sizes, as well as we make and supply nets for goals by individual orders. Nets of different thickness are available – 3, 4 or 5 mm string.

Molten football balls

Various items for football training

Football flags, barriers, cones, steps, football mannequin walls.


Equipment for football field marking is available.

Available brands

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