Sports flooring

Aacer Flooring

Aacer Flooring is a private family enterprise from the USA. It is known as a true northern hardwood flooring manufacturer for the sports, recreational, residential and commercial markets. Aacer products can be found all over the world. All production stages – from the selection of hardwood to drying, precise milling, manual sorting and pre-processing – take place under one roof. Careful operational management and the experience accumulated for generations help Aacer maintain constant quality of flooring.

ASB GlassFloor

ASB is known for its innovations and sustainable design in the world of sport and has already revolutionized the squash sport. All of this experience and in-depth knowledge of the high-quality materials used are incorporated into the most modern flooring system currently on the market.




During more than 110 years of operation, Graboplast has become a leading company in the manufacturing of special types of floors. Additionally to the manufacturing of sports floorings, the company focuses on developing special high-grade floors, for example, for shopping areas, exhibition halls and motor vehicles.

Stadium surfaces


Conica has been involved in the manufacturing of sports flooring for more than 40 years, and it knows the demands of the world market like no other manufacturer of sports flooring. Their experience and knowledge obtained over many years of work help them supply partners with the most state-of-the-art, reliable and environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor sports floorings. Many independent institutions, clubs and associations have tested and certified CONICA systems.


A company from the Netherlands that has been developing, manufacturing and installing ideal jointless floorings for more than 25 years. The long experience makes their floorings extremely reliable.


Outdoor sports surfaces


Domo Sports Grass



Bodet Time, founded in France in 1950, is a subsidiary of the Bodet Group, which is the leader in time measurement and management solutions in Europe. Bodet Time develops and sells solutions for time display distribution and time synchronization. It also provides audio system solutions, bell systems and microphones.

Sports equipment


Molten Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of sports equipment. Molten is known mainly for the manufacture of balls for different team sports. The company manufactures official balls for all FIBA competitions all around the world and for many local leagues outside North America.

Sport Grupa

Sport Grupa is a Poland-based company manufacturing both FIBA-certified and non-professional equipment for basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, table tennis, futsal and other types of sport.

Sport System

An Italian manufacturing company established in February 1979, a sports equipment manufacturer well known around the globe. The company develops, manufactures, installs and sells in Italy and abroad a wide range of articles for gymnastics, track-and-field athletics, individual and team sports.

Lekohoj AB

Lekohoj AB s a Swedish company manufacturing sports gear and equipment for sports games. The company is specialising in the sales and manufacture of IFF-certified floorball equipment.

Kraiburg Relastec

Fox 40

Fox 40 is an international company located in Canada and manufacturing various whistles. It has been specialising in this field for 30 years. Their whistles are used in the world’s top sports leagues such as NBA, NHL and NFL.


Polanik is a Polish company manufacturing and distributing certified, high-quality equipment for track-and-field athletics.


Polimat is a Polish company manufacturing high-quality landing mats for sports halls, pole jumping and high jumping, as well as protective equipment for basketball backboards, basket bases, columns, etc.


Polsport is a Polish company offering equipment for gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and other sport types. The range of products offered by Polsport includes aids used in the rehabilitation process, rehabilitation mats, scoliosis braces, medical balls and other rehabilitation products.

Pacific Seating


Ledraplastic SpA is an Italian company founded in 1963. The company has registered activities in various sectors, from toys to fitness, physiotherapy and wellness. Gymnic – the way to move – is a brand under which Ledraplastic offers its products on the market. They are all developed based on the concepts of moving and wellness and intended for all age groups.


Partner of the Track-and-Field Athletics Federation of France, has been working in this field for 50 years. Their products are reliable. They offer equipment suitable for beginners, schools and leisure, as well as high-level training and competition equipment.

Trendy Sport

Trendy Sport is a German company. Owing to the decades of experience, it offers only the top-quality sports articles and sports-related safety gear. It offers a wide range of products for rehabilitation, fitness and yoga.

Baku Sport


Schiavi Sport

Schelde Sports

Nordic Sport

Nordic Sport is a Swedish company manufacturing and distributing high-quality, IAAF-certified equipment for track-and-field athletics.

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